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2 Nonviolence Pledges: India’s Northwest Frontier, 1929, and Alabama, 1963

Feb 9
11:19 am
By Menil

Pledge by the Pakhtun (Pashtun) “Servants of God” founded in 1929 by Abdul Ghaffar Khan, called the Frontier Gandhi, in India’s North-West Frontier Province

I am a Khudai Khidmatgar [Servant of God], and as God needs no service I shall serve Him by serving his creatures selflessly.

I promise not to use violence and to refrain from retaliation or taking revenge, and I shall forgive anyone who indulges in oppression and excesses against me.

I promise to live a simple life, to practice virtue, and refrain from evil.

I promise to practice good manners and good behavior, and not to lead a life of idleness.

I shall expect no reward for my services. I shall be fearless and be prepared for any sacrifice.