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5 Year Plan

Jan 9
8:00 am
By Menil

5 Year Plan is an International artist collaboration with Gandhi Ashram collectives in India to create swadeshi works of art and promote Gandhi’s ideals of self-sufficiency and non-violence.

5 Year Plan is a cooperative collaboration that reduces the degrees of separation between village collectives, artists, and collectors.

Currently we are making a new book, printed on homespun khadi called “OTHER IMAGININGS” with the Sri Gandhi Ashram in Akbarpur, UP, India

Artists include: Sumitro Basak ; Lisa Beck ; Sam Gordon ; Jenny Holzer ; Dorothy Iannone ; JP Jaisawal ; Pushpa Kumari ; Pradyumna Kumar ; Judith Linhares ; Yoko Ono ; Sutanu Panigrahi ; David Pearce ; Orijit Sen ; Tonatiuh Smith ; Philip Taaffe

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