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Against Fear

Jan 13
7:13 pm
By Menil

Deon Robinson, Against Fear, 2014, paper, charcoal, mixed-media collage. Courtesy of the artist


It will not
Except for Bonanza
or The Brady Bunch
The world will see
Change is coming
On Almeda
The White
Waitress will face
The descendants of
Frederick Douglass…. No weapons just Jesus
She will see Otis King’s
And wonder about
Negro unity…
Or the words colored obedience
But it will not
Or written in newspapers
To keep the natives
But change is coming
1 mile from Wheeler and Tierwester
13 souls walking
Armed with the Bible
And excerpts from
A document
Called The Constitution
Just somethingTo eat…
Not for the stomach
For dignity.
For those unborn to sit
On a stool
to be counted as human
Call her Thelma
The name doesn’t matter
The network knows her
but will not show her.
She, like those 13 pilgrims
Has been standing for 450

Poem by Thomas Meloncon