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Forgive Them For They Know Not What They Do

Jan 31
8:20 am
By Menil

Robert Hodge, Forgive Them Father for They Know Not What They Do, 2014, mixed media on reclaimed paper and hemp thread. Courtesy of the artist


The root of all evil…
Money is the drunk
Cousin of profit,
So this is compassionate capitalism.
Rocket to the Moon (one way)
Plant JIM CROW flag
Colonize rocks and dust,
Wind, and oxygen.
Enforce a poll tax… rename them N-word aliens
Rename Moon Confederacy.
Segregation is very profitable… so are slave muscles.
Segregation is Christian
To the Bigot.
What drives the cities
ENRON. Now deceased.
What drives war
Root of segregation.

Poem by Thomas Melencon