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Jan 15
9:16 am
By Menil

Anthony Suber, Freedom Ain’t Free for the “Freed”, 2014, wood, cast stone, resin. Courtesy of the artist


Look at your hands
Our hands tell a story.
Cotton hands…
Plowing hands… praying hands
Baptizing hands
Enough to
Reach the moon…
Hands that drank from
Colored water fountains
Hands that fed
The antebellum South’s Belly
Hands that could kill
But prayed for Haters
Look at your hands
Our hands Black… rough
Smooth, bronze, ancient
Blew the saxophone
Invented the red light
Put on the uniform
Of our country
And returned to
Raised hands,
Then death. Pow!
Hands that refused to strike
Hands behind our back
Look at your
What will you do
With them
To honor
The hands that sacrificed
For you.

–Thomas Meloncon