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Who’s Winning?

Feb 5
11:17 am
By Menil

Jade Cooper, Who’s Winning?, 2014, mixed media. Courtesy of the artist


Race Game
32 dark.
32 white
America stole the board once owned by native Indians.
Dark this side
White this side.
Railroad track.
Dark signs
White signs.
Ropes for dark
Who jump.
White jump…victory
Dark jump
Rope necklace…
White made the game rules
Dark learned the game.
About to jump out of oppression
Light changed the rules.
Dark denied the jump.
Jump is human rights;
The right to vote is a jump
The right to any school is a jump
The right to equal protection
Under the law is a jump
The right to a hamburger at
Woolworths is a jump.
The race game

Poem by Thomas Meloncon